Transaction Advisory

Get personalized, independent expertise on corporate transactions from a team that has advised over $1B worth of deals in the food industry.  We bring our food & beverage industry insights to help you sell your business, buy a competitor, carve-out a non-core unit, or establish a joint venture. We carry out our mandates with diligence, integrity, and a willingness to do the heavy lifting so that you can remain focused on your business’ performance.

Sell-Side Mandates

M&A transactions require significant attention and experience to execute. While you focus on running your business, we focus on maximizing your firm’s value. We’ll help you understand the process, prepare and market the business, negotiate terms, and close the deal – adding value at every step. Most importantly, we’ll commit time upfront to fully understand your unique needs and design a process to meet them.

Buy-Side Mandates

Define, plan, and execute your acquisitive growth strategy with efficiency and precision. We support you in all aspects of the acquisition; building a deal team (lawyer, accountant, industry experts), identifying potential targets, assessing value, designing due diligence, negotiations, integration planning, closing, and post-merger integration. We expertly manage the process from idea to integration.

Cross-Border Transactions

Our local-market presence in Canada is valued by our US and international clients on transactions in Canada and Quebec. We leverage our domestic position to provide boots-on-the-ground help and a network of valuable business relationships. Our global transaction experience has involved Canadian businesses transacting in the US, Europe, Mexico, South America and Africa. We help our clients cross everything from time-zones to cultures to make deals work.

Management Buy-Outs (MBOs)

For some businesses, the best buyer may already be running it. In situations such as these, we work with management or owners to structure win-win deals that move business transitions forward.  We can help assess value, negotiate terms and structuring, and arrange financing to make these transactions possible.

Divestitures / Carve-outs

Capital allocation is one of the most critical jobs in management. When a non-core business line becomes a strain or distraction to your growing company, reallocating capital to the core business can generate many benefits. Clearview helps growing companies reallocate resources and capital to areas that align with strategy while managing the complexity of separating a business unit or division.

Joint Ventures

Clearview understands the potential value and complexity of establishing and operating joint-ventures. We offer consulting and advisory services specific to joint-venture mandates and bring our expertise to navigate these transactions.

Special Situations

When shareholders no longer agree on the business strategy, or when lenders and equity holders are not aligned on a path forward, the company is best served by an independent, objective perspective. We specialize in bringing that point-of-view on complex matters to provide an expedient, confidential, and impartial assessment of options and guidance in implementing them.

Debt & Equity Financings

Access to the right type of capital is integral to the success of your business plan. From financing existing operations cost-effectively to raising growth capital, we have done it all. At Clearview, we have raised over $1B in financing through debt and equity structures from various investors. We assess financing options based on your unique situation and strategy to create financing solutions that drive the business forward.

We’re passionate about helping business owners in the areas of strategy and corporate finance.


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