Unlike typical consultants, we have hands-on industry experience and understand the daily challenges of running a business. Our principals and industry partners have personally navigated the complexity of growth with a “roll-up-the-sleeves” mentality and an eye for driving real value.

Growth & Strategic Planning

We understand your day-to-day challenges, but also have an eye out for long-term growth. Our expertise and industry focus helps clients identify, evaluate and implement long-term business growth strategies. We distinguish ourselves by helping bring the collective vision to reality.

Integration Strategy & Management

Over 50% of M&A deals fail to deliver expected value. Leverage our industry experience to develop and execute a tailored integration strategy without adding structural costs. Our experience lets us work side-by-side with management teams to build their integration capabilities to make M&A a repeatable growth catalyst.

Due Diligence

The deal process is complicated and fast-moving. We help our clients design, resource, and manage the moving pieces by undertaking necessary due diligence and ensuring that our findings get incorporated into the deal and integration strategy.  We bring unique perspectives on the risks and opportunities inherent in food and beverage businesses.

Outsourced Corporate Development

Should M&A be part of your corporate growth strategy? Clearview provides our corporate clients all the services of a corporate development team, without the fixed overhead.  We have experience implementing corporate development programs effectively in public and private company environments.  From setting the strategy, to making a deal work, we partner to make it work.

Transaction Readiness Assessments

Acquisition opportunities exist and are ready to be capitalized on—particularly in times of market dislocation—but most management teams have never been through a deal before.  We help Boards and investors assess internal capabilities and readiness; identify gaps in process, technology or resources; then develop and implement strategies to be transaction ready.

Corporate Governance

We’re passionate about helping businesses make better and more effective decisions. Clearview’s approach to Corporate Governance advice can help owners balance short and long term priorities and various stakeholders’ objectives. We help with the creation of advisory boards, stakeholder reporting, and implementing corporate governance changes.

Management Incentive Design

Are management incentives aligned with the interests of your shareholders? Structuring the right incentives programs for management and other senior members of your company are necessities for retaining talent and creating value. The modelling and analysis of Short-term Incentive Programs (STIP), Long-term Incentive Programs (LTIP), and option programs form part of our practice area.

Capital Structure Review

Our industry expertise in corporate finance makes us an ideal partner to find ways to lower your cost of capital and make your business more profitable. Our advisory team has the experience and independence to provide an objective perspective on your options.

Supply Chain

Leverage our advisors’ expertise in Supply Chain best practices to identify and take action on supply chain opportunities. With decades of industry experience working at multi-billion-dollar companies, our team has the tools and processes to optimize and strengthen your supply chain end-to-end; improving perforance and profitability from suppliers through to customers.

Strategic Partnerships

We’ve built a unique team of industry experts within all aspects of the food industry – from raw material sourcing to commercial go-to-market strategy. The right partnerships can strengthen your company and drive long-term alignment with important business relationships such as suppliers, co-packers, distributors and customers.

Interim Mangement

We can support our client’s businesses with experienced interim management / fractional executive solutions in the areas of finance (CFO), strategy, corporate development, investor relations and general management.

We’re passionate about helping business owners in the areas of strategy and corporate finance.


We’d love to discuss your priorities and see where we can help.